To Paint or Not to Paint- Painting Commercial Brick Buildings

The building that houses your business is as much a marketing tool as your website or business cards. Your brick building is going to find it hard to stand out from the other brick buildings in your area because all brick essentially looks the same. Your building might be a different design than the other buildings and it might look impressive on its own, but when you are fighting for foot traffic with the businesses around you it does not pay to have a building that blends in.

Brick Commercial Painting in UtahOne of the ways to have your building stand out is to give it a unique look with a professional paint job done by a professional Arizona commercial painter. One of the biggest misconceptions commercial property owners have about brick is that it is easy to paint and anyone can do it. The kind of commercial painting Utah businesses rely on is done by experts who understand that brick is not an easy painting surface, but the results can be worth it.

The kind of commercial painting contractor Las Vegas businesses trust will know the exact steps to take to get the results you want with your painted brick. The first question your contractor will ask is why you want to paint your building in the first place. If your brick building is stuck in a sea of other brick buildings, then simply painting it white would help it to stand out. Some business owners want to take the idea of painting brick a step further and add eye-catching designs that will help to bring in more foot traffic. A good contractor can bring any idea a business owner may have to life.

Brick has to be completely cleaned before it can be painted, because paint cannot stick to dirty or greasy surfaces. Your contractor will review the condition of your brick to let you know what it would take to clean your brick, and then what would be needed to fix up your brick to make it look pristine. You do not always need to have repair work done on your brick to paint it, but the results will be better if you take the time to repair work prior to painting.

Brick is difficult to paint because it is very porous and paint has almost nothing to stick to. But the professionals know how to make paint stick to brick, and it starts with a commercial grade primer that adheres to the brick and fills in the pores. It takes a professional to choose the right primer for your building, and apply it properly so that it creates a surface that paint can stick to.

After all of the prep work is done, it is time for the most important part of the job. If you want a specific design painted on your commercial building, then your contractor is going to review the design with you several times before painting begins. Once the brush is applied to the brick, it can be expensive to go back and change or fix anything. Your contractor will want to make sure that they have all of your specifications taken care of and that you will get exactly what you want.

When the job is done, your building will instantly stand out from the crowd. Even if your business is located in an area with other painted brick buildings, you can still get a unique design that will appeal to consumers and increase foot traffic. A painted surface on a brick wall is durable enough to withstand the weather that Utah, Nevada and Arizona business are subjected to, and it can also be cleaned on occasion to keep the paint looking brand new.

If you are considering painting your commercial brick building, then contact UCI for a quote. Our experts will take a look at your building and give you a comprehensive proposal that will let you know what needs to be done to make your building stand out. We can also do custom paint jobs that can put your logo on the side of your building, or use a mural to get more attention from the foot traffic that passes by.

It is time to get your brick building to stand out and use it as a way to increase revenue. With a professional commercial paint job from UCI, your bricks will shine and your business will grow.