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One thing that was not addressed in the initial bidding but quickly became very apparent it needed to be done was filling the cracks in the posts and timbers. The board was particularly impressed that your main concern was not making an “up-sell” but making sure the job was done right—for the sake of aesthetics and long-term protection. Thank you for doing this extra work at no additional charge.


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The whole process from the beginning to the end was great. I would have been pleased with the work that was performed in the outlined contract alone, but it was the extra details that made the project quality reach above and beyond my expectations.Thanks Unforgettable Coatings.

Mario DarangLegacy HOA

This was a large project with unexpected challenges outside of the scope of work. Not only did Unforgettable Coatings submit the necessary changes orders but also found a way to save the Association $18,000 from the contracted price. The project was completed under budget and on-time. We look forward to working with Unforgettable Coatings in the future.

ASTON ResortThe Viera Board of Directors, Viera HOA