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Unforgettable Coatings’ Las Vegas helps dozens of families pay grocery bills during a time of need. Learn more about the commercial painter’s efforts at UCI.

80 Members of the UCI Nevada Team Participate in Donation Event

Now, more than ever, Las Vegas residents need help. The Unforgettable Coatings team in Las Vegas is setting out to make a difference for Nevada residents by giving back in unique ways.

Earlier this month, 80 of our Nevada commercial roof coating contractors handed out gift cards to unsuspecting families at the Cardenas grocery store near Bonanza and Lamb.

Fox 5 covered the story, writing, “An essential Las Vegas Valley business helped feed dozens of families on Friday. Unforgettable Coatings is a painting and construction contractor. The company’s CEO decided the company should give back but gave its workers a special role to play in the process.”

Not only is it important to us that we do our part during times like this, but throughout the year, as well. That’s why philanthropy is a core value of our entire commercial painting company. This experience and many others continually deepen only our passion for humanitarian work and serving the Nevada community.

Corey Summerhays, CEO at UCI, told 3 News, “We’ve got a lot of great employees. They’ve got family members that are out of work. People that they know that are out of work and are food deprived. We wanted to give them an opportunity to serve the people closest to them.”

Reporters continued the story writing, “The company donated around 12 thousand dollars to the grocery fund… Cardenas also helped shoppers have a VIP experience. The story was opened an hour early for the shoppers and each cart was pre-packed with essentials.”

We hope to continue giving back during the current global pandemic and whenever we can.

You can read the entire Fox 5 report on their website.

Learn more about Unforgettable Coatings’ philanthropy efforts, as well as our commercial painting and roof contracting service by contacting us today.