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How Commercial Painting Contractors Will Retain Their Team

By December 24, 2019 No Comments
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Learn how you can keep your employee retention rates high through company culture efforts by visiting UCI, a top-rated commercial painting contractor.

7 Employee Appreciation Tips for Showing Appreciation to Your Team

Employee retention is an essential aspect of any successful business. Employee awards and activities are crucial to keeping your business afloat. Without enacting a strong company culture, your company could suffer high employee turnover rates that will significantly hinder business growth.

American Express linked up with Unforgettable Coating CEO, Corey Summerhays, discussing how our employee appreciation efforts help strengthen our commercial paint contracting business throughout Nevada, Idaho, Utah, and Arizona.

Summerhays told American Express that appreciating your team is “just good business.” Not only does UCI nominate team members for awards, but holds activities throughout the year.

The article further explains that these efforts have created a positive culture for everyone, including all our commercial painters. The best part is that Summerhays says these efforts pay off ten-fold because our employees stick around.

American Express reporters asked UCI and other business leaders their tips on employee appreciation. Here is what they said.

1. Write it down.

2. Take them out for a treat.

3. Be kind and understanding as a business.

4. Offer coaching and materials to help them continue learning.

5. Host an awards party.

6. Include their families.

7. Give back as a business.

Summerhays said in the report, “We found that, certainly for people who work in our organization, it’s important for them to feel as though they are appreciated, but a lot of times, they also have spouses at home who are supporting them and doing what they need to do to ensure our people are successful at work. It’s been a fun event that everybody looks forward to.”

Not only do we strive to appreciate our employees in these ways, but in every facet of their lives. Whether it is through our continuous training program, Unforgettable University, or participating in philanthropy, UCI is continually trying to show our employees that they matter to us.

You can read the entire article by visiting the American Express website.

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