Customer Service Needs To Be A Priority For Painting Contractors

The kind of commercial painting contractor business professionals call on is the one that has a focus on great customer service. When a commercial property owner decides it is time to get painting work done, they are preparing to make a significant investment in the look and durability of their property. One of the best ways for commercial painters in Arizona, Utah or Nevada to set themselves apart from the competition is to focus on customer service and do everything possible to put the client at ease.

Good customer service starts with the commercial painter arriving on time to the initial appointment with a commercial property owner. Arriving on time shows a strong sense of responsibility to the customer, and it also puts the painter’s professionalism on display. When a painter shows up to every meeting with a client, it helps to client to feel that the contractor cares and the contractor is anxious to do a good job.

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If a Nevada, Arizona or Utah commercial painting contractor wants to deliver excellent customer service, then every question from the customer has to be extremely important. That means that the contractor has to open up as many channels of conversation as possible to allow customers to ask questions. Email, telephone and website submission are three great ways for contractors to take questions from clients and answer them immediately. If the question could affect the project at hand, then the contractor is best to go to the job site and answer the question in person.

Commercial property owners do not always have the time to visit their properties, but they would still like to be updated on how the painting project is coming along. A commercial painting contractor concerned with delivering excellent customer service will have a portal on their website where the customer can log in and see how the project is progressing. With the right camera coverage through an Internet portal, the customer will always be able to see their project and there will be no question as to how the project is coming along.

A big part of delivering excellent customer service is making sure the customer gets the results they want. This means not only listening very closely to what the customer says about the project, but putting every element of the project in writing and having the customer sign off on that list before the project begins. Then the contractor’s site supervisor can review the list with the client before the project begins to make certain that everything goes as the client wants.

Communication is an essential part of good customer service, and that means contacting the customer each time the contractor has a question. A contractor concerned with customer service will never guess on what should happen during a project. If a question arises, the project stops until the client can be consulted on the solution to the problem. Excellent communication and keeping the client in the loop on solving problems are two parts of a world class customer service offering.

When a project begins, it is not uncommon for clients to want slight changes in their original project specifications. A contractor that focuses on customer service finds ways to address these changes and deals with the customer in a professional fashion. In most instances, customers are aware how upsetting it can be to change a project once it begins. A client will be more than willing to pay any extra charges to alter the project, as long as they are approached in a professional manner. A focus on customer service means that the painting contractor is always ready to meet the client’s needs, no matter what they may be.

Corporate integrity is also a big part of premier customer service. A commercial painting company that focuses on service will keep all of its promises, and deal with clients in a professional and honest manner. Customers can often tell when a contractor is trying to take advantage of a situation, and that can lead to problems throughout the project. A contractor with integrity and that focuses on honesty with clients not only gets repeat business, but brings in referrals as well.

When customer satisfaction is the prime motivation for a commercial painting contractor in Las Vegas, Nevada or Arizona or Utah then the project is not complete until the customer is happy. A contractor focused on customer services does not just hand a client an invoice and walk out the door. That contractor walks through the job with the client and makes sure that everything was completed properly. It is not uncommon for contractors to forget to do small tasks when a project is winding down, but it is important to make sure those errors are corrected before the project is considered closed.

When a commercial property owner contacts a painting company, that property owner expects to be treated with respect. While some commercial painting companies drop the ball when it comes to customer service, others excel at maximizing customer satisfaction. Any client is going to prefer to do business with the contractor that is focused in on client needs, and the contractor that understands how important clients are to the success of their business.

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