Choosing the Ideal Exterior Paint Colors

The colors you choose for the exterior of your apartment building are going to make your building’s first impression. It is those colors that are going to either entice a potential new tenant to want to live in your structure, or convince that potential tenant that there are other places to live. When you live within the rules of an HOA, you want to find the kind of color scheme that gives your home personality, while still following the HOA rules.

The kind of commercial painting contractor Nevada, Arizona and Utah property owners look to are the ones who know how to make a great first impression, and know how to stay within the boundaries of an HOA guideline. Choosing the ideal colors is not easy, but it can make all of the difference in the world when it comes to how others see your property.

Neutral colors are ideal for apartment painting Arizona complexes. When you look at the newest apartment painting Arizona complexes are using, you will notice that neutral colors are very popular. The desert lends itself to some very unique color schemes, and neutral colors tend to help set a building off just right in the context of the rest of the landscape. Warm colors such as red and yellow or cool colors such as blue and gray are making the most of apartment complexes all over the Arizona desert.

Painting an apartment complex also comes with its fair share of psychological research as well. In order to attract tenants, you want to make your apartment complex look comfortable and inviting. Soothing colors such as the neutrals we discussed help to set that mood before the potential tenant even walks into the building. Little touches of color, such as green to represent the sense of comfort and home, will help to enhance the idea that your apartment complex is the place where people want to live.

In the case of a house under the direction of an HOA, it is the combination of allowed colors that can really make the home stand out. Colors such as gray, white and beige that slightly offset each other can have a stunning effect on the exterior of a home. Sometimes colors that sharply contrast each other can be brought together when muted hues are utilized. For example, a muted burgundy color offset by a flatter red hue would help to bring the two colors together as opposed to having them stand in stark contrast.

The kind of HOA painting Utah, Nevada and Arizona homeowners rely on is delivered by professionals such as Unforgettable Coatings. With the company’s Eye Site project tracking system, any HOA member can follow the progress of a project and make sure that it stays within the HOA color guidelines. Unforgettable Coatings has experts who can make design recommendations and suggest colors that will not only help an apartment building or other residential structure to stand out, but also meet any extra requirements that may be part of the overall project specifications.

One of the first questions that residential property owners have involves how many colors they should use on the exterior of their building. When we talk about exterior paint, we are assuming that the window and door trim will be the traditional white color that is most commonly used. If that is the case, then a combination of three colors that mix together in some way is the most effective way to bring out the best in your residential structure.

But there is always that group of people who wants to highlight their building by trying a color for the window and door trim that is decidedly not white. White is one of the most powerful neutral colors, and it is often used to pull together multi-color designs for exterior paint schemes. If you decide to use a trim color other than white, then use a color that mixes with the others you are using and consider that trim color to be one of your three exterior paint colors.

It is a tricky job to paint a residential structure, no matter where it is located. An apartment building needs to be appealing to current and future tenants, while a home under the direction of an HOA has specific rules it has to follow for its exterior paint job. In the end, bringing in a professional painting company such as Unforgettable Coatings can give you the professional resources you need to make the right choices and make your building stand out in a positive way.